Environmentally friendly


Your GREEN Wedding


More couples are choosing to have an Eco friendly wedding.  And while the idea seems appealing, many do not know how to go about staging such an event.  We have some EXCELLENT ideas to share with our brides who want to “go green” on their big day.

  • Plan to stay local.  Choosing a venue that is closest to the majority of your guests enables a maximum number of people to save gas and commuting time while helping you to celebrate.  If you also work to utilize one location for ceremony and reception, you can save even further.
  • Check with a Certified Planner (Accent on Events) for help in identifying Eco friendly venues.  We will know about energy efficient locations that practice recycling and other green procedures.
  • Search out organic, local catering firms that specialize in serving season foods and beverages.
  • We can also assist you in locating organic gardeners who specialize in locally grown flowers and greenery.  Choose in season flowers and consider re-purposing the floral pieces you’ve chosen for the ceremony site and using at the reception.
  • We can help you choose Eco friendly print items.  We have resources that specialize in 100% recycled paper and use non-toxic inks.
  • A number of wedding gown designers have included Eco friendly fabrics in their designs.  Fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo and peace silks are available and lovely.  Some brides lucky enough to have access to heirloom gowns are choosing to wear them and updating them with headpiece and accessory items.
  • Many couples are choosing natural gift items for favors.  Currently popular are tree seedlings, organic bulbs and plants.
  • Wedding gift registries are showing gardening, lawn and recycling equipment in the couple’s choices.
  • Even wedding rings can express concern for the environment.  Many couples are seeking the origin of the engagement diamond – refusing to purchase stones that are from areas that practice unsafe mining or which export “blood” diamonds.

Please contact us to offer you plenty of ideas to help you marry in green.