Reaffirming Wedding Vows

Senior Couple

Reaffirming wedding vows has become an increasingly popular way to celebrate a significant anniversary or to have the formal event that a civil ceremony did not provide. Couples may choose to repeat their original vows or they may wish to write new ones that express the way their love has grown over the years.

Generally invitations are not sent unless the ceremony is large and elaborate.

The ceremony options are varied.  Some couples choose to hold the ceremony and reception in their home or they my arrange for a church with a reception to follow in a restaurant.  Ceremony details are worked out with the officiant. If it is to be part of a regular religious service, the church will dictate the procedure.  If it is to be a separate ceremony with a large guest list, much of the procedure is likely to be similar to a second wedding.

Some reaffirmations are limited to family only and others include a wide circle of friends they have acquired over the years.  Either way, it is a nice touch to include children and even grandchildren in the ceremony.  With family members participating, it reaffirms the love of not just the parents but the entire family they have created.

Generally the attire they have chosen is dressy but not as formal as that of a wedding.  The bride may chose to carry a modest bouquet or wear a corsage.  For those couples that wish to reaffirm vows in an exotic location, a call to the resort or hotel where they plan to stay is important.  A resident consultant can help implement plans and suggest new ideas.

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