Paper Trousseau

Paper Trousseau

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Inviting friends and family members to share your happiness or your pending marriage is a wonderful and exciting part of being engaged.  And one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the selection of all parts of your paper trousseau.  We are your best source for ideas, information and advice on these key decisions. You should plan to order all of the items you’ll need at one time to insure that all pieces coordinate.  We will help you develop the list of various paper items you will need as you begin the search for the perfect wedding papers.

If you are planning to invite several out of town guests or if your wedding planned for a holiday weekend, it is very wise to send Save the Date cards.  These are usually sent out four – six months prior to the wedding date.  But a word of caution:  Be sure that those guests who receive a Save the Date card remain on your invitation list.  That means that you must have the number of guests planned for the wedding and reception firmly in mind when you place the invitation order.

Because invitations offer guests a preview of the formality and tone of the wedding, a great deal of thought should go into their selection.  Formal wording should be used for formal weddings.  Individuality can be expressed by choosing unique sizes, textures, colors, overlays and/or ribbon trims.

Unless the wedding is an extremely small and intimate affair, a reply card with a self-stamped, pre-addressed envelope is usually enclosed with the invitation.

Programs, while operational, are very nice to have for guests as they describe the ceremony and the identity of the participants.

Thank you notes should be ordered at this time as well.  There are several options for incorporating the names of the couple on these notes.

Plan to send your invitations six – twelve weeks before the event.

We would be delighted to assist you with advice and guidance in all your paper trousseau selections.

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