Gift Registries


Newly married couples have been given gifts for centuries. At one time, after the couple furnished their home, they were expected to return any practical gifts they received but did not use. Today’s couples are congratulated by gifts from friends and family and the gifts they receive help the couple stock up on the items needed to make a house a home. To truly value and enjoy the gifts that a couple will receive, we suggest that they make excellent use of bridal registries.

Don’t hesitate to register. Your guests really want to buy you something you want and will enjoy. Registering saves your guests time and keeps you from having to return duplicates. Don’t feel like you are “begging” for gifts. Rather, you are in fact, providing a welcome service to your guests.

Don’t wait until the last minute to register. Many of your guests will want to buy gifts well before the actual event. Some buy engagement and shower gifts from the registry as well.

Include your partner in the selection process so that the registry includes things that you both will enjoy.

Register at two or three places. This gives your guests a range of options without overwhelming them. Pick at least one specialty store, a mid-price supplier and an inexpensive retailer. It is recommended that your list include an equal number of mid-priced items and lower cost items and smaller list of big-ticket items.

Our experience has shown that brides who are planning large weddings should register for a lot of items which those who have smaller guest lists might consider registering few items.

You may wish to list your registry locations on your web site. But never, never, never, include them in your paper invitations.

For answers to more questions, contact us. We can guide you through the process and make very helpful suggestions.