I'm Happy....But Stressed


The good news?  You’re engaged.  The less wonderful news?  You’re feeling the stress. It is a happy time, but we know that stress can set in as you try to deal with the myriad of details that threaten to drown you.  You have decisions to make about the ceremony and reception locations, what to wear, attendants to select, whom to invite, what flowers, music and photographers to choose.  There are budget questions to solve.  All these issues can generate a case of “wedding jitters.”

To relieve your stress or at least make it manageable, we offer these key points:

If money issues generate the stress, take the time as a couple to determine your priorities.  List the items of most important to you both.  From a list of 10-20, select the top 5.  These five – listed in priority order – are the items on which you are less likely to compromise.  Then as your review your budget, you can “borrow” from the other items on your list to keep the budget in balance.  If you have your heart set on a particular gown, you can help pay for it by saving money on flowers, photography, etc.

If the stress is coming from family, be clear about the source of the stress and firm about communicating your feelings.  Talk out the issues you see with your parents, friends, and those involved.  Be gracious but firm about expressing views and concerns.  Don’t “stuff” the feelings so they end up hurting a relationship.

If the stress is coming from the crush of events and the sense of being overwhelmed by everything you sense must be done, SHARE the responsibilities.  Hire a wedding planner, enlist the groom, ask your parents to take over specific jobs.  Get yourself a wedding planning book (hard copy or online version) and be faithful about entering plans made,  Follow its suggestions for organizing projects.

Get enough sleep and take care of your health by eating well.  Make good use of your gym membership and exercise away the stress.

When it all seems too much, speak with us.  We can help you put it all in perspective and remind you of what is really important in this wedding you are planning.