Developing THE PLAN

wedding checklist

No matter how long your engagement may be, there are several key decisions that you must make early on in the planning process.  This list is in a suggested order but you and your family will need to decide which gets done first and why.

  1. Work out your budget.  Determine how much you want to spend and the source(s) for the funds.
  2.  Consider hiring Accent on Events to help save you time, stress and money.
  3.  Decide on the type of wedding that you want.
  4.  Book your dates and venues for the ceremony and reception.  If they are to be in separate places try to minimize the  travel time between them.
  5. Research, decide on and book photographers, florist, entertainment and caterer if needed.
  6. Find your DREAM dress.
  7. Think about the size of your wedding party and select members.
  8. If you will have out of town guests, book a block of rooms.  We suggest selecting two or three sites with varying price options from which guests can choose.
  9. Register for gifts.  Sign up at a minimum of three retail locations ~ again try for a range of price points.

There are many more decisions to make but taking care of these first will give you a structure to follow.  For more suggestions, please contact Accent on Events and we would be more than happy to assist you.