Rehearsal or Not?

Wedding Chairs

Unless you are planning to elope or get married by a judge in his/her chambers, you and your wedding party are going to participate in a wedding rehearsal.  Even if you have been a bridesmaid in six weddings of friends, this is your wedding and you will want a run through. What are the things you will want to cover:

  • The order of the processional and recessional: who goes with who and who stands where and for how long?
  • Where the photographer and videographer will be located as well as any musicians who may be part of the ceremony.
  • What music will be played - when and for how long.
  • Who will cue the wedding party to enter and exit.
  • The officiant's instructions and cues for vows, reading, music, and movement.
  • The duties of the flower girl, ring bearer, best man and maid of honor.

Who will run the rehearsal?

  • It is usually handled by the wedding planner you have been working with and/or the wedding coordinator from the church or synagogue where you will be married.
  • The officiant will have input and the final word.
  • You may want to ask a family member or friend to oversee the rehearsal to make sure all the questions are covered, but be careful not to choose someone who could be at home on a battlefield.  These are not orders to be given, but friendly and caring requests.

You are about to star in the biggest "show" you've ever been in.  No show goes to Broadway without weeks of rehearsal.  You are only asking for your bridal party's attention for one hour or so and then they will be fed and thanked at your rehearsal dinner.  Make both parts of the evening festive.