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Etiquette on a Budget


  • Quiet elegance is always in style.
  • Consider a few white lilies for the bridal bouquet instead of an elaborate arrangement.
  • A garden luncheon can be as charming as a 5 course sit down dinner.
  • Select fewer attendants.  The larger the wedding and number of attendants, the greater the expense.
  • But no matter how limited the budget, the rules of etiquette still apply.
  • Having a reception which serves only punch and cake is acceptable.  Asking guests to buy their own dinners is not.
  • Having an alcohol free reception is fine.  Have a cash bar is not.
  • Registering for things the couple would like and need is fine.  Asking for money instead of gifts is not.
  • Sending email invitations instead of printed or handwritten ones for a small intimate wedding isn’t OK.
  • Neglecting to send thank you notes within an acceptable time frame is not appropriate.


Every part of a wedding, even one done on a very limited budget, should be done with style and good taste.  An affordable wedding can be just as memorable as a lavish one.  Guests will remember the beautiful personal touches, not how much was spent on the wedding.