Insuring the Tuxedo Fits


Men who own their tuxedos have no doubt had the suits fitted by a professional tailor.  However, rental formalwear specialists outfit most wedding parties.  To insure a good fit for members of the wedding party, it is important to choose a reputable formalwear dealer and to work closely with the specialist to insure that the style of tuxedo chosen for grooms and their parties will make all the men look their best as well as coordinate with the bride’s party. Once the style is chosen the groom and the best man should take an active role in insuring that all male members of the wedding party get in to be fitted well in advance of the wedding date.  While formalwear specialists will take the measurements they require, it is helpful if the groom and/or best man accompany any members of the party coming in to be sized.

A little basic knowledge about sizing men’s suits will help this process proceed more smoothly.  When trying on sample sized, pay attention to these guidelines.

Jackets – A man should be able to fit his hand between his chest and the front of the jacket when it is buttoned.  Back vent(s) should lie flat.  The coat should allow free movement of the arms.  Armholes should not be snug.  It should fasten easily and not bind.  It should fall smoothly across the back and should not bunch up across the shoulders when the arms move forward.

Jacket Length – for most standard jackets, the bottom of the jacket should reach the curl of the fingers when the arms are held straight down at the sides.  This allows the shirt cuff to show to 1 inch.

Trousers – should sit at the waist and fit the waist allowing the width of one finger inside the waistband.  Trousers are hemmed so that they barely break as they rest on top of the shoes.  They should fall smoothly in the back to just the top of the heel of the shoe.  Most formal trousers are not cuffed.

Vests – should button comfortably across the chest.  Vest buttons should line up with the front of the jacket and overlap the waist band on the trousers.

While many men may fuss about having to wear formal clothes, the truth is men look fabulous in well-tailored/fitted tuxedos.  Being cooperative at the fitting to determine size and being prompt to try on the rented package so that there is time for any needed adjustments to be made are at the top of the list of “must do” for any member of the groom’s party.